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We stock a large range of speakers from some of the world's leading brands. Paradigm has been rated #1 Best Price/Value by the distinguished publication 'Inside Tracks' for the last twenty-one years. 'Tannoy' is the only speaker brand name to be added to the Oxford Dictionary! Richter and Sonique, both Australian brands, have won countless awards and are renowned for their quality and value for money.

Whether it's mains, surround sound, centre channel, subwoofer, in-ceiling, in-wall, sub-sat system, weatherproof or powered speakers, we can give you the best advice for your particular requirements. No two brands are exactly the same, although they may share similar characteristics. Ideally you should audition different brands and price points to find the speakers that suit you best.

Stereo Amplifiers

Stereo amplifiers are the work-horse of a hi-fi system. They have the job of taking the music from a source (CD, Turntable etc) and making it bigger, to feed a pair of loudspeakers. It also has to be able to switch inputs from one to another. A receiver is an amplifier with a radio section (tuner) combined.

AV Receivers

An AV receiver or AVR has 5 or more amplifiers inside to power 5 or more speakers for cinema surround sound. They come with a Digital Processor to send the requisite sound to the 5 or more channels. They also include a radio tuner. Unlike stereo amplifiers, some manufacturers’ claims on power ratings are very dubious. Beware!

Audio CD

The first audio cd player was launched by Sony in 1982, so the format has been around for almost 30 years. As with record album dust jackets, audio CD's come with their own collectable artwork and their own individual story. It's not just about the music. The ability to play a selection of your favourite music in random order on a multi-disc player appeals to some, while audiophiles wouldn't dream of playing more than one artist at a time and opt for the more sophisticated dedicated single disc player.

DVDs & Blu-ray

Despite the advent of iPods and increasing computer downloads, disc players are still very popular. People want to play their CDs, DVDs and now the high resolution video (and audio) format Blu-ray. Personally, I love Blu-ray live concerts with high definition video and audio. Something you don’t get on free to air television.

iPod Docks & Accessories

We carry a range of iPod Docks from the small models designed to plug into an existing hi-fi to the exciting free-standing models from Jamo, Geneva and NAD.


Tivoli Audio – Simple – Elegant – Affordable.

At the age of 70, Henry Kloss emerged from retirement to co-produce the Tivoli Pal radio. Henry was responsible for a number of innovations, including the acoustic suspension loudspeaker which forever changed the way audio was reproduced; one of the first projection TVs (for which he won an Emmy) and one of the first consumer cassette decks with Dolby B noise reduction. Check out the complete range.


When we think of headphones, we naturally think of listening to our favourite music in a world of our own, but have you ever thought of headphones as a way of creating silence? Noise cancelling headphones not only open up a completely new world of sound, but contain a noise compensation system, which actively suppresses disturbing outside noise. Imagine yourself on a plane with the constant drone of the engines, just put on your headphones, switch them on and either listen to your favourite music in peace, or just enjoy the peace.

From travel headphones to the true-to-life, unadulterated sound of audiophile headphones, from the freedom of wireless headphone systems, to professional headphones, we’ve got you covered. You can expect the highest quality, designs and innovations that Sennheiser with 60 years and Denon with 100 years experience can offer.

Wireless Audio

“Forget everything you’ve heard before. Welcome to a radically new way to listen to music. Stream all the music on earth into every room of your home wirelessly, with hi-fi sound and control everything from your android smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. Play a different song in every room, or play together in perfect sync, while adjusting the individual volume of each player. Download the SONOS Controller app for free. No rewiring. No complex programming. Start with one, expand anywhere.”

Set Top Boxes

Australians now have twice as many channels to choose from than we have had in 50 years of TV. A digital set top box is a cost-effective way to allow you to watch digital television in standard or high definition through your existing analogue TV. It provides superior picture quality and improved reception. Some models allow you to ‘time-shift’ or record one or more channels for later playback, whilst you watch yet another channel.

High Definition Televisions

Gone are the huge monstrosities that once dominated our living space. Today’s televisions are sleek, elegant and very affordable. Most homes have multiple screens that allow for different tastes in viewing within the home.

More and more businesses are installing television screens to inform or entertain their clients in waiting rooms, for presentations in boardrooms or for staff in lunchrooms. Modern televisions can be readily integrated with digital audio systems. You should choose the television that gives you personally the best balance of colours and black.


Not so long ago, projectors were only within reach of the moneyed, but prices have become more affordable, especially for the movie or sports enthusiasts. Nothing beats the excitement of watching a new release movie or an AFL or Rugby League Grand Final with the strikingly clear images produced by modern home theatre projectors.

Projector Screens

You can choose from a range of motorised, manual and fixed frame projection screens, depending on your layout and budget. LP Morgan is renowned for its Australian made products and custom build capabilities.


Vinyl is most definitely not dead; in fact the turntable is doing rather well.

Diehards stick with vinyl for various reasons, they prefer the warmer, faster sound, they don't want to get rid of their collections or they are still in love with album art – whatever the reason, there's a huge choice in budget and features to consider.

We also offer replacement stylus and cartridge options for your existing turntable.


Today’s A/V furniture must not only be functional but must blend with the aesthetics of the room in which it resides. Whatever your style, our suppliers can provide beautiful, practical solutions for your equipment storage and flat screen television placement.

Audio / Visual Accessories

We stock a complete range of cables, connectors, surge protectors, banana plugs, switchboxes etc. Everything you need to get your system up and running perfectly.