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With the vast array of equipment available these days, an audio/visual system can be as individual as you are. Whether you are a single person in a modest home or a family of ten in a mansion, installations can be customised to suit your requirements and budget.

Why not call in to North Coast Stereo and benefit from Paul O'Brien's experience in matching people and locations with equipment? It's rare that we get to work in an area which is also our passion, but Paul has managed to do just that since his teens.

Paul works together with quality installers to achieve the best possible outcomes for every client.


This expansive double storey home in Bayview put us to the test, with a large three-sided room at the top of a stairway, to be used as the entertainment hub. The solution was to construct a wall unit, which formed the ‘fourth wall'.

This wall unit was then used to house an LP Morgan Screen, the Niles in-wall front speakers, the Denon AV receiver and dvd player. Niles surround speakers were placed in-ceiling with a Miller & Kriesel subwoofer providing the bass. An Infocus projector was mounted on the ceiling.

Cullen Bay

This is a new home at Cullen Bay with a dedicated home theatre room. Music is a priority for this couple so the choice of using Sonos wireless zoneplayers to supply music, not only to the home theatre room, but also to the kitchen, lounge/dining room and outdoor entertaining area, was easy. Vision is provided by an existing lcd television.

The home theatre experience is created using a Denon AV receiver and JVC blu-ray player, with Paradigm on-wall and in-ceiling speakers and a Paradigm PDR series subwoofer. The outdoor in-ceiling speakers are marine grade stainless steel.

Fannie Bay

'Help – we need to have a whole of house audio/visual system installed in two weeks!' This was the call we received one Friday afternoon from a site manager of a substantial new home in the final stages of construction. With four occupants, all with differing tastes, the selection of equipment had to be uncomplicated, reliable and versatile.

This house has two rooms that are utilised for home theatre viewing, both using Denon AV receivers, Denon blu-ray players and Toshiba televisions.

The master bedroom has a Toshiba television, while the children's room has a Schaub Lorenz television and Toshiba blu-ray player. There is also a Schaub Lorenz television in a gazebo beside the pool.

Niles in-ceiling speakers have been used throughout.

The Sonos wireless music system was incorporated into each area, enabling each member of the household to choose their individual selections of music and radio, whilst also giving them the choice of playing the same selection throughout the entire house and outside patio/pool area.


The perfect client – one who investigates all the possibilities by providing plans of their new home prior to its construction. This allows for cabling to be run out of sight behind the walls. (Cabling used for this installation – Key Digital and Tara Labs.)

A large family home catering for adults and children required a dedicated home theatre room, together with other entertainment options.

The home theatre room is set up with a Denon AV receiver and blu-ray player powering Paradigm in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, plus two Paradigm subwoofers built into the sophisticated, custom designed cabinet. Vision is provided by a ‘top of the range' Mitsubishi 3D projector onto an LP Morgan screen with Novares fabric.

The choice for the family room was a compact Denon home theatre system, including speakers.

A Sonos wirelesss system supplies sound to the family room, lounge/dining room, kitchen, outside entertaining area and gym, through a combination of Paradigm in-ceiling and on-wall speakers.